Urban Dhara is a clothing company that celebrates traditional artisan skills and creates handmade clothing in fine Indian fabrics. We use time-honoured methods for handcrafting clothes; clothes with deep-rooted Indian soul and glocal aesthetic appeal. Each piece of clothing is created with love, care and honesty.

We draw inspiration from urban habitat, and the word ‘Dhara’ is colloquial for thread that is used by tailors and symbolizes strength and intricacy that flows constantly, unbroken like a stream, Womens Handmade Clothes in Bangalore.

blue_tie_dress1 (Custom)

The Tailorbird – which is our logo is another source of inspiration. The Tailorbird represents patience and tenacity, a philosophy that we have imbibed. They take intricate workmanship to the next level and they get their name from the way their nests are woven. The edges of a large leaf are pierced and sewn with plant fibre or spider silk. This forms a cradle in which the actual nest is created. Now, that’s nature by design – and this extends into our design ideology.

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